Breaking down barriers

One in six Australians experience some form of hearing loss. However, it is an issue which is rarely talked about. 

Earshot aims to empower people to accept and embrace their difference, to break down barriers and to ultimately transform negative perspectives into ones of inspiration and understanding. It draws from photographer Kate Disher-Quill’s personal experience with hearing loss. 

Read about the journey behind Earshot here.




Earshot + M4H at
Melbourne Recital Centre

To celebrate Hearing Awareness Week we collaborated with Musicians 4 Hearing to organised a special evening to engage our senses and make us question the experiences of sound.

Earshot Launch | Brisbane

Held at Wandering Cooks in South Brisbane, the launch was a huge success with a wonderful and insightful discussion with Kate and three of the subjects in Earshot.

Earshot on LensCulture

Recently featured on the renowned international blog LensCulture, this interview is an in depth overview of the journey behind Earshot.

"Differences should be celebrated
not discriminated against."

— David Healy


— Find out where you can learn Auslan + more.


“We call ourselves Deaf with a capital D
because we have a culture.”

— Bethany Robinson


“In the middle of the dance floor in a seedy nightclub below the venerable Rooftop Bar, I wrote a stupid line, introducing myself, in a text editor app on my mobile and launched it right into her face. She took the phone into her hand, we moved off the dance floor and quickly we both were deeply engrossed in a conversation about cats, all done by passing my phone back and forth between each other. And the rest is history. Now two and a half years later I still have all of the conversations we had early in our relationship before I started teaching her sign language.”